Tea Blending

‘ tale of taste ‘

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Tea blending is a magical process of mixing different teas together to produce a final product to match the expected taste.

This occurs chiefly with black tea that is blended to make most tea bags but can also occur with different multi origin teas  in different types to packaging, where leaves are blended from different regions before being compressed. The aim of blending is to create a well-balanced flavour using different origins and characters. This also allows for variations in tea leaf quality and differences from season to season to be smoothed out. The one golden rule of blending is this: Every blend must taste the same as the previous one, so a consumer will not be able to detect a difference in flavour from one purchase to the next. Black tea sorted by characteristic and quality in a sample tray at a tea factory. Various whole dried leaves, partial leaves, and tea dusts are used in combination to produce different types of blended teas